From Humble Beginnings to Managed WordPress Hosting

Back in 2010, the founder of PHCNetworks started offering basic shared hosting services out of his home office to friends and family, while working hard at his day job in IT.

But he had a vision for providing quality, personalized service that larger corporate hosting companies overlooked. He wanted to help small business owners and bloggers achieve their dreams of getting online.

In the early days, PHCNetworks focused on reliable shared hosting plans and outstanding 24/7 customer support. This allowed the company to build trust and satisfaction through caring customer relationships.

As WordPress grew to dominate the web, PHCNetworks realized that optimizing servers specifically for WP performance could meet a huge need. So they transitioned their tech stack completely to managed WordPress hosting.

Today, PHCNetworks provides high-performance managed WordPress hosting catered to the needs of small businesses and online entrepreneurs, starting at just $30/month.

Through maintaining a small, personalized approach, PHCNetworks has provided an appealing alternative to giant impersonal hosts. The company has grown from a humble home office into a provider able to expertly serve clients of all sizes and scales.

PHCNetworks has grown from shared hosting into managed WordPress hosting experts. But their mission remains the same - help small businesses succeed online through caring, personalized service.